Free webinar Wednesday 3/6: Special Needs Alphabet Soup

Becoming the parent of a child with special needs can be overwhelming, and one of the toughest parts is mastering an entire new vocabulary.

Mysterious terms come into your life, and you may find that no one takes the time to explain them to you.

What’s the difference between an IEP, an IESP, and an IFSP? What is IDEA and why does it guarantee your child a FAPE in the LRE? It’s just one more aspect of what makes this whole experience so dizzying and confusing.

If you have found yourself trying to master the ABC’s of being a special needs parent, don’t miss this lunchtime webinar hosted by the Parkside School! Come spend the noon hour with me as I help to demystify the Alphabet Soup of Special Needs.

You’ll get a list of the most important acronyms, learn what they mean for you and your child, and leave with a better understanding of the whole system.

Date: Wednesday, March 6
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Hosted by the Parkside School
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