Free Brooklyn Turning 5 talk Thursday, September 26

Kindergarten: The Great Beyond; Or, “You Mean I’m Not Done Yet?”

Get ready for the Turning 5 process!

Does your child receive preschool special education services? Will he or she enter kindergarten in the fall of 2020?

What kind of elementary program will be right for your child? What are your rights and options?

Educate yourself! Come hear a free presentation on how to:

  • Learn your educational options, public and private
  • Obtain the best evaluations and guidance
  • Find an appropriate kindergarten program
  • Understand your legal rights
  • Get through the Turning 5 process and create an IEP

“The best talk about Turning 5! I have no words to say how good it is.”
–Parent Feedback, Spring 2019 Workshop

Date: Thursday, September 26, 6:30-8:30pm
Location: Brooklyn Conservatory of Music Concert Hall
58 7th Avenue @ Lincoln Place

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